@São Vicente
Our surf school is located in São Vicente, known to be Madeira Island’s capital of surfing. Here you’ll find every possible option to enjoy a tailor-made SURF/SUP experience…
Join us for an authentic surfing experience in Madeira. Our surfing lessons are designed for all ages. Be they group or private lessons, for children, teenagers or adults, our lessons on the waves on the North Coast are always great fun. We stick to high security standards and teach about how to be safe in the sea and how to have an ‘ocean eye’. We share tips on surf etiquette, what a surfboard should look like and how it is made and more but, mostly, we want to make sure you have the best time with us.
We provide a high-quality service in all the experiences we offer to ensure you have a true ‘Madeiran surfing experience’, knowing that you’ll make lifelong memories and friends.
All our lessons include: wetsuit, board, leash, wax, fins, insurance, explanation about the area and the sea swell and surfing conditions and one-hour surfing lesson with an experienced instructor.

What you should bring: comfortable clothing for the day, bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, water, something light to eat, willingness to learn.

Meeting Point:
For better results and for you to get the most out of your surfing experience, we recommend you attend at least 5 consecutive lessons. Madeira Island may fulfil the perfect conditions for surfing, but the locals’ knowledge is crucial to prevent severe accidents. Never try to surf on your own for the first time. Make sure the person accompanying you is an experienced surfer and knows the location of the surfing spots. When in doubt, ask for help, and always make sure you have the appropriate equipment and that the sea conditions are suitable for surfing.
Surprise someone special, a friend or relative, offering him/her a unique original gift. We customise your surfing gift card as you wish.
If you’re on vacation and you don’t have a surfboard or you prefer to travel light, don’t worry! We have the best Stand Up Paddle boards and surfboards in Madeira Island. Just rent a board that suits your level of expertise. We’ll help you choose the right board so that you can get the most out of your experience.

We have all types of boards available: made of epoxy and polyester, for beginners, longboards, shortboards, big-wave boards, evolution, mini malibu, bodyboards, wetsuits, SUP all around boards, performance shortboards, SUP race boards, SUP wave boards, etc. More than renting boards, we’ll give you information on the best surfing spots, tides, currents and some safety tips.
Local knowledge + appropriate equipment = epic surfing session!
Looking for a photographer to join you in your surfing or SUP session?
Want to keep great photos of you surfing the best waves in Madeira or simply capture the best moments of a surfing or SUP session, but you don’t know anybody who can do it? We take care of everything so that your experience may be forever recorded! We back you up in and out of water, photographing or filming according to your needs, either for a competition, a training session or a special moment, or even creating the photographic record of an event you’re attending.