by Oficina do Ceguinho
Madeira Shape Room by Oficina do Ceguinho is a board workshop located in Clube Naval São Vicente. Here we repair dings of any type: small dings, creased boards, broken boards or split in half, FCS fin plugs or boxes, fixed fins, fillings, footstrap fittings, mast-foot boxes, paintings of Surf, SUP, Windsurf, Wakeboard, Kitesurf boards…

We use a wide range of materials, such as: epoxy resin, polyester resin, fibreglass of various weights, carbon, Kevlar, pigments, vacuum, sandwich, etc. This is also where the handcrafted customised Blind Surfboards are manufactured. In partnership with Grant Twiggy Baker, three-time big-wave world champion, we manufacture the original Twig surfboard designs, a product for demanding surfers who seek something different from the usual.
If you’re looking for a tailor-made board for surfing the best waves in Madeira Island, reach out to us. Here we manufacture Blind Surfboards brand, handcrafting and customising boards with great dedication and passion. Our boards are a certified ‘Produto da Madeira’ (Product of Madeira) and recognized by regional authorities.
You’ve already got you blank ready, as in shaped the way you want it? We can give it the finishing touch. Bring your shaped blank and we’ll take care of the rest or help you finish it. We can provide pigmented glassing services (with painting or simply the colour of the blank), as well as sanding services, including placement of fins and fin plugs or boxes.
We offer a set of Shaping lessons where you can learn how to shape a board to your liking and style. Each lesson lasts about 4 hours, and you’ll get to know which materials we use, how to choose the best blank for shaping or how to draw on and mark your blank. You’ll make concaves and rail deck rockers, mark your fins and, finally, apply a finishing sandpaper to get your board ready for fiberglassing.
Want to learn how to repair surfboards? We teach you how to repair surfboards, whether it’s on the rail, tail, nose or bottom, or we repair them ourselves. Come and learn which materials we use and how to apply them. Repairs of fin plugs or boxes, whether it’s FCS, future, lockbox, eurofin, leash plug or fixed fins… Creased boards, broken boards or split in half, made of epoxy or polyester… You name it! All you have to do is reach out to us and bring your board for repair.
If you’re a connoisseur of this craft and you’re passionate about this art (in other words, one of us) and you’re in town or you need a workspace, you can shape or repair your surfboard here at Madeira Shape Room. You’ve got all tools at your disposal: longboard, gun, fish or shortboard templates and a whole set of hand tools available. Note: the glassing work must be done here at the workshop by us.
If you’re looking for a safe space where you can store you surfing equipment, talk to us. You can leave your boards with us for repair, and we’ll keep all your equipment organised so that you can pick it up when you return for your next surfing trip.
Repairs / Customisation / Production - Surfboard
We’re committed to customer satisfaction, so our only way of repairing surfboards is the right way. In our work we always pay attention to detail, guaranteeing resistance, colour matching and an excellent finish, without sacrificing the original weight of your board.

Our mission is to develop a more sustainable and eco-friendlier product, ensuring the highest quality in the maintenance of your surfboards.