@North Coast Guest House
North Coast Guest House was created by the same young couple who founded the Madeira Surf Center project, Andreia and Ruben, who decided to adopt a more balanced lifestyle by doing what they love the most and being more in touch with nature. This house was love at first sight and one of the main reasons why they settled on the marvellous North Coast of Madeira Island. North Coast Guest House is a simple house with an extremely familiar and relaxed atmosphere where they started by welcoming friends and family, but they eventually realized they could easily open its doors to the world and welcome more people. Being passionate about sharing and discovering other cultures and life experiences, they soon realized this was the environment where they felt happiest and most complete, and a way of travelling without leaving home too.

The concept evolved and we ended up realizing that most people came to Madeira North Coast Guest House looking for a space where they could have a wellness break and feel at one with nature. Our guests seek, above all, to take a break from the city, to practice water sports (Surf/SUP) or mountain sports (‘Levada’ walks alongside the irrigation canals, Trails, etc.) and to enjoy a healthier diet. The result is usually some truly invigorating vacations, quite similar to a retreat.
Want to learn how to surf while on vacation in Madeira Island?
Trying to find the best spots on the island or planning the kind of vacation where you can learn how to surf or improve your surfing skills through a customised training programme, stay included? Are you an athlete looking for a complete space where you can surf and practice every day to prepare for surf or SUP competitions? Take a look at the options we have for you and, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to talk to us. We’ll be glad to customise your pack so that you can get the most out of this surfing experience in Madeira!