We spend most of our time in or near the ocean!
Eight years ago, we moved to the North Coast of Madeira Island. Back then, our job was to repair surfboards, but we would do it at night so we could spend the whole day in the ocean. Later, we created the Guest House and realised we could have this connection to nature and conquer this privileged freedom to dedicate ourselves to what we love most: surfing, outdoor training and being in permanent contact with nature, as well as being able to share these experiences with people who have the same interests as us. The Sea, the Mountain, the Guest House and the Garden (where we grow our vegetables) have become our life, and we are ready to share them with you!

Our Surf School has a familiar atmosphere, and the experience we offer truly is authentic. We are sensitive to your needs and will adjust whatever’s necessary so as to share our daily life and the activities we are dedicated to in the most genuine way. We want you to feel welcomed and happy and to also share with us a glimpse of who you are and what truly matters to you.
We put our heart and soul in everything we do, and we’re always ready to welcome new people, fuelled by a genuine desire to share the best things in life: experiences!
Ruben has been surfing since he was a kid, and Andreia learnt from him. She too has always been connected to the sea, but rather through water rescue and swimming. Andreia is a Physical Education teacher and a certified Personal Trainer and has been devoting her time to finding health and wellness solutions through physical exercise, a healthy diet, Yoga and Pilates, adjusting those solutions to fit each particular lifestyle. She believes every person has its own way of feeling good and should look for it closer to nature.

The sea is a passion they share, and they’ve both been linked to competitive sport, but Ruben’s the one who has conquered all the champion titles in recent years. Before he started surfing, he was a top-level windsurf athlete and participated in European and World championships, but his passion for the sea just kept getting bigger! More recently, in the year 2016, he was Stand Up Paddle Board national champion, and runner-up the year after. He was on the national team representing Portugal in France, in the SUP European Championship, where the team claimed a respectful third place. Ruben has conquered many Surf, SUP wave and SUP race regional champion titles, and he doesn’t like to lose a big-wave surfing session. He’s a true waterman, in his friends’ words. He’s also completed the Lifeguard course and the European First Aid course (taught by the Portuguese Red Cross) and he’s certified in Safety and Survival at Sea and holds level 2 BWRA.

It was on a surfing trip to Sri Lanka that we realised that what we love most about our adventures is interacting with people and hearing their life experiences. Thereby, welcoming people at our house and being able to share experiences with them is our best way of getting to know the world. For this lifestyle which values the simple things and connection with nature, Madeira Island has soon become the perfect destination for us, and we believe so it is for many of those who come to pay a visit.
Why us?
A complete package…
São Vicente is the ‘Welcome Center’ of the North Coast. We are perfectly located to quickly access great surfing spots and the main ‘levada’ walks alongside the irrigation canals. We are only 30 minutes away from Funchal and 45 minutes away from the airport. However, the days are quieter here. You’ll find fewer people and be in closer contact with nature.

Not only can we teach you or simply guide your Surf or SUP sessions, but we can also welcome you and your friends in our guest house, which is located in São Vicente as well. Plus, we offer a diverse range of wellness activities which will make a big difference in your holiday break. Yoga and Pilates are two of the activities we promote and embrace, but the list goes on…
This is our lifestyle…
Be it winter or summer, we spend our days on the beach, whether in or out of water. The areas surrounding the beach are perfect not only for surfing, but also for swimming, SUP, hiking, jogging or simply relaxing while reading a book or practicing more complete activities like Yoga or Pilates. This is how we like to spend our days and share what we do with those who visit us.

Both Ruben and Andreia collaborate in the local community as Surf and Pilates instructors, so if you book a group lesson you’ll probably have the opportunity to hang out and interact with locals.
We’re among friends and family...
Over the last 8 years, we’ve welcomed friends, family and solo travellers. We gather all the conditions to offer a diverse range of activities where everyone gets to have fun. Whether for children, friends or families, whether for beginners or experts, we can easily come up with a plan so that everyone has a good time in close contact with nature while maintaining a familiar atmosphere. We welcome groups and define the plan of activities for their days of stay, according to the type of group.

Our groups are small (maximum of 5 people per instructor) so as to make sure everyone gets proper attention and stays safe. We offer lessons and experiences and have the best waves for every level of expertise, whether you’re a beginner, intermedayte, or advanced surfer.
You’ll take with you much more than an experience…
Surfing with us is an authentic Madeiran experience, one you’ll certainly remember. Your surfing experience will be safe, fun and full of unforgettable moments. Not only will you learn how to master the waves on a board, but you’ll also make friends and get to learn more about our culture. You’ll enjoy our company, and we’ll enjoy yours…

Vacations are also the best time to break the routine and change some habits. Count on us to help you overcome the challenges you embrace both in and out of water (with our Pilates and Yoga workouts, for example). We can help you create new habits that you’ll be able to keep on practicing long after your vacation’s over…
Surfing on the North Coast of Madeira Island
Our surf school is located in São Vicente, known to be Madeira Island’s capital of surfing. Here you’ll find every possible option to enjoy a tailor-made SURF/SUP experience…